Madeline Salocks

Web Development for Teachscape

While working for Teachscape, I built and updated numerous pages using the Lectora web authoring tool in support of the migration of their online course modules to a new platform. Many of the new pages contained assessments where users test their knowledge of the material and work toward certification of completion, and this involved creating the interactive elements and the underlying logic within the Lectora framework.

In addition, I provided the programming for miscellaneous other front-end web development projects using standard HTML, CSS, and Javascript/JQuery.

Online Course Modules: Test assessments

The following screenshots are typical examples of the layouts and content involved in the numerous test assessments I built:

Managing Behavior module

Evaluate Classroom Arrangements module

Other front-end web development projects in support of online course modules

Quick Start guide (6 pages for insertion into a modal window)

Certificate of completion example 1 | example 2

HTML email template 1 | HTML email template 2