Madeline Salocks

Web Development Professional



As a web developer since 2000 (and a PC software engineer previously), I have had experience with a wide variety of technologies in various industries and environments. I enjoy all aspects of the work involved in producing exceptional websites, particularly front-end development and design.


Web Development, Contract

Primary technologies: HTML5, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Photoshop, PHP/Mysql, WordPress

LendingTree — 2014–2017
Programming responsive emails, landing pages, and banner ads for marketing campaigns.
Additional technologies: Bootstrap, GSAP

Additional contracts

 — 2017 (emails) | Nerdwallet (emails) | Weebly (emails) | Aero Connect (banners)

Protiviti — 2015–2016
Programmed and co-designed responsive emails and landing pages for marketing campaigns.
Additional technologies: Marketo

Bio-Rad — 2015–2016
Programmed responsive emails and made miscellaneous updates and enhancements to one of the company websites (including an extensive Joomla to Wordpress article migration).
Additional technologies: Marketo

Zend — 2013–2014
Programmed landing pages and emails for ZendServer and ZendStudio marketing campaigns, and for Zend Conference. Also provided support for other web development and banner needs.

Teachscape — 2012, 2013
Programmed updates and additions to online courses.
Additional technologies: Lectora

Wells Fargo Bank/Historical Services — 2012–2013
Programmed maintenance updates and enhancements for the Wells Fargo History and Wells Fargo Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary websites.

Wells Fargo Bank/Wholesale Internet Services — 2010–2011
Developed preliminary prototypes and the final prototype for usability research sessions. Developed web-based solutions for presentation of wireframes or other design images for internal review. Evaluated prototyping tool for future use.
Additional technologies: Justinmind

Kodak Gallery — 2010
Updated/enhanced existing pages and/or added new pages on the public website per a weekly release schedule. Developed landing pages for various ad campaigns.
Additional technologies: ATG

New Control — 2009–2010
Programmed the New Control re-designed company website. Client work: Per provided designs, developed a web-based survey for Canadian Tire, front-end code for Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic landing pages, front-end code for ScottsLawn customer order pages, and front-end/back-end code for the form elements in a set of landing pages for XOJet.
Additional technologies: LimeSurvey

Tribal DDB — 2009
Client work: Maintained existing pages and developed new pages per provided design for Clorox and Clorox Greenworks company websites (including international versions), maintained the existing CMS-based company website (including international versions) and developed several template pages for the redesigned company website for SunPower, built the micro-site for a SunPower/CA Water Agency educational seminar/site tour event, and programmed various marketing campaign emails for both Clorox and SunPower.
Additional technologies: SiteCore CMS; SilverPop Email Marketing

Additional contracts

 — 2009–2016
Grow Marketing (emails for major SF Bay Area tech company) | Lonely Planet (new pages) | Yammer (event promotion micro-site) | TriNet (re-designed pages) | Blue Wolf (micro-site) | Hitachi (landing page) | Party City (website maintenance) | Chevron (emails) | LiveBooks (emails) | Digital Axle (website maintenance) | Conference Hound (micro-site prototype) | PayPower/Safeway and Reloadit (emails and micro-sites) | NetShelter (website maintenance) | Leapfrog (promo boxes) | Warren Communications (emails) | Account Now (emails) | Fluid (landing pages) | Tucker Engineering (website maintenance) | Landmark (emails, micro-sites) | Connecticut Controls (complete set of templates for re-designed website) | Aero Connect (emails, banners) | Zinio (emails) | MarchingOrder (templates for redesign) | MSK Design Build (Wordpress website maintenance) | Backstories (Wordpress website maintenance, emails) | Carlos Landscape Company (Wordpress website including design) | Dayco Industries (website) | Acme Scales (website) | Serological (website) | Epoxy Stone (email form processing) | PetersenDean Roofing (internal web application maintenance) | Bank of America (internal web application prototype)
Non-profit organizations and individuals:
LilliWorks Active Learning Foundation (website) | Mobility Matters of Contra Costa County (website and design collaboration) | Meals on Wheels of Contra Costa County Dine Out campaign (website and design collaboration) | Christine Riedell Photography (website) | Sierra Center for Behavioral Medicine (landing page) | Joyce Perrin, Writer (website including design) | Rue De Suze (home page, street page, and miscellaneous maintenance) | Joseph Bacon Sculpture (website including design) | Karen Olsen Design and Illustration (website) | Senza Ritmo (Wordpress website including design) | Nana Bananas' Happy Kids (landing page) | OmPeace (website including custom CMS) | Roger Minick Photography (website with design collaboration) | Youbility (website framework/template) | Anderson Photography (website including design)

Web Development, FT

The Kessler Group, Interactive Services, San Francisco CA — 2006–2008
Web Programmer
Developed and maintained "Design Review," a web-based application enabling clients to view rounds of comps during the design phase of projects (including an admin back-end). Also developed and maintained custom design review applications for clients Corinthian Colleges Inc. and Amica Insurance. Completed numerous complex projects for client Washington Mutual Bank (WaMu), including: a client usability testing website, the front end for a large portion of the redesigned credit card website (, and all front-end components for the "Send Direct" (WaMu/Aliaswire) payment pages. Programmed micro-sites, marketing campaign emails, and landing pages for various clients (e.g., ESPN, PetSmart, GMAC Bank, Countrywide, NetZero, Juno, Riverdeep) per layouts provided by the design group. Replaced all navigation site-wide and coded numerous other updates and enhancements for the nonprofit Organs 'R Us Relay website ( Programmed the San Francisco section of The Kessler Group corporate intranet. Programmed the Kessler SF agency website per design provided by the design group. Wrote Actionscript for selected Flash projects.
Environment: Mac with OSX, PC with Windows XP, Linux (light)
Primary technologies: HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP, MySql, Smarty Templates, Photoshop, Flash/Actionscript 3, Dreamweaver; Other: Trac (Wiki and issue tracking system), EditMe (Wiki CMS)

PetersenDean Roofing, Newark CA — 2005–2006
Web Developer
Designed, developed, and maintained various custom browser-based DB-driven applications for internal use. Major projects included: the "Bid Registry" website (in support of sales personnel and executives), used to track all roofing job bids and stats companywide (with customization by region); the "Re-Roofing Job Schedule" website (in support of customer service staff as well as customers accessing their schedule info via the external website); and an Employee Time-off Tracking page (in support of HR, tailored to PetersenDean policy) including automation of the vacation request/approval process. Had primary responsibility and was the point of contact for all updates and enhancements to the company's intranet.
Environment: PC with Windows XP, Linux (light)
Primary technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySql, Photoshop, Mambo CMS

Copart Auto Auctions, Fairfield CA — 2002–2005
Web Developer
Designed and developed enhancements and provided ongoing maintenance for the Copart and MAG (Motors Auction Group) public websites (with sole responsibility for the MAG website). Major projects included: complete redesign of the MAG website (and all related programming and graphics development except for Flash ad banners—with over 125 pages, mostly DB-driven); development of a seller rating/feedback feature (including internal staff administration); and development of a detailed vehicle condition report.
Environment: PC with Windows XP, AS400 with AS400 Client Access
Primary technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Net.Data, SQL, DB2, DBU, Dreamweaver, Photoshop

Overread, Pleasanton CA — 2000–2002
Software/Web Engineer
Designed, developed, and maintained all company web applications: the internal Admin website (for administering all customer data); the customer-accessible "Overread Community" website (for updating profiles, viewing the Overread physician network, and accessing professional information); the customer-accessible Archive website (for searching and retrieving archived medical studies); and the public website. Created and maintained the Overread central database. Developed database interface classes in C++ for client-resident "Point of Care" applications. Developed a wide range of statistical reports.
Environment: PC with Windows 2000
Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, VBscript, ASP, ADO, Visual Studio, SQL Server 7, Visual C++/MFC

Software Engineering, FT

ADP, Claims Solutions Group, Product Development, San Ramon CA — 1999–2000
Software Engineer 4
Developed enhancements for "PenPro", a PC-based claims estimating application used nationwide by major insurance companies.
Environment: PC with Windows 98/NT4.0
Technologies: Visual C++, Paradox

Bank of America, BankCard Systems, Concord CA — 1990–1999
Advisory Systems Engineer
Designed, developed, maintained, and supported PC client-server applications for BankCard service centers, including: "PhotoCard", a highly visible product with thousands of accounts processed per week, "Logo Scanning", "Intelligent Workstation", "Fraud Detection", "Software Distribution", and "Credit Balance Check Processing".
Environment: PC with Windows NT4.0/3.1/DOS, IBM 3270 Mainframe
Primary technologies: Visual C++/MFC, C, Attachmate Personal Client/HLLAPI/APPC, VB, Access, Btrieve File Manager

Other Qualifications

–Extensive experience with the full software development life cycle: requirements analysis, research, design, coding, testing, implementation, maintenance, and support
–Excellent communication and client-interfacing skills; documentation recognized as exemplary



Certificate in Computer Information Systems: De Anza College, Cupertino CA, GPA 4.0
MA/DMA in Music: Stanford University
BA in Music: University of California Berkeley